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University of Pittsburgh

Creating a Global Ritual

The University of Pittsburgh (“Pitt”) prides itself on providing students with high caliber education with global views. When they remodeled their Global Studies building, they began looking for a unique experience to engage and educate their students—Taking Pitt to the World and Bringing the World to Pitt.

ZEBRADOG was honored to assist, along with architectural partner Strada, in developing a series of signature experiential components for a truly one-of-a-kind educational engagement space. The two-part storytelling exhibit features digital technology that provides interactive program exploration, social media integration, and an experiential “portal” providing a window to diverse cultures, landscapes, and opportunities around the world.

ZEBRADOG worked to create an ambitious series of signature art + data features. The end products combine aspects of art, interior design, architecture, and rich data-driven content that change as an hourly ritual, allowing something special for students and staff to look forward to every day.


  • “We particularly appreciated the depth of ZEBRADOG’s engagement: the willingness to not just say, 'here is what we’ve done for other people, make it work in your space' but rather, 'what would you like to do, how can we investigate your content and what do you perceive as being relevant to your audiences?' so that they could build out a system that’s easy for us to maintain and that creates a very aesthetically pleasing, informative experience for the people who actually come to the space.”
    Mark Weixel, Director of Informatics, University of Pittsburgh