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Sub-Zero Group Product History Museum

From Humble Beginnings to the Height of Refinement

ZEBRADOG was retained to design the first product and family history museum for the mega brands of Sub-Zero | WOLF in 2007. A quintessential American success story based on product innovation and a passion to succeed. Fast forward another decade. Leveraging new technology, market awareness, and intuition, we reopened the Product History Museum in 2018 as the Innovation Center at Sub-Zero | WOLF | COVE. Reimagined to reflect current brand standards and design techniques, the Innovation Center is a showplace of first-to-market technology redefining an entire industry.


  • “I always thought [ZEBRADOG] was right on with what [they] were designing because it speaks to the history but it also speaks to the future. And I think we accomplished both of those things."”
    Jim Bakke, President
    CEO, Sub-Zero Group