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Welcoming Student Unions

The student union is constantly evolving and moving. Incorporating programming for food and beverage, cultural events, activities AND live music in its interdisciplinary design is complicated. Determining the visual brand and voice to direct people through its facilities and experiences is an enormously important consideration when renovating or constructing this communal space.

Experience Design Consultant ZEBRADOG embraces input from students and facility partners to create inclusive spaces that are thoughtful, rich and inviting to relax and foster lifelong relationships and memories.

Every union has a story, how can we tell yours?
"ZEBRADOG's work is always so thoughtful, spot on and inspirational. They were the perfect partner to help us tell our Union stories."
Mark C. Guthier
University of Wisconsin-Madison Union

Featured Unions & Student Spaces Project

Story Collection Celebrates Historic Union

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Union Directorate tasked ZEBRADOG with creating a voice for its historic Memorial Union—the celebrated, quintessential campus jewel that (quite literally) invented the very idea of a student union. The solution is a popular interactive story platform that harmonizes technology with the built Story Collection exhibit, inviting visitors to explore the vast collection of stories via interactive story platform or online web portal.

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