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Glamour shot of rachael-d mallinson-

Rachael D. Mallinson

Associate Developer
Rachael has a never-ending thirst for learning new things.

After receiving a BFA in Digital Filmmaking, she decided that using just the right side of her brain wasn’t enough. She then built her own computer and learned how to code. Rachael then went straight back to school to earn a Programming Certification and is now pursuing a Master of Science Degree in software engineering. Raised in Mid-Missouri, Rachael comes from a small town and a big family. She spent her childhood playing video games, eating big family meals, and appreciating all the books. You can definitely bribe her with a good spinach dip - or really, any type of yummy food. On her off days, you can usually find Rachael with an Xbox controller in hand or walking with her pup, who loves the Wisconsin snow!