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Glamour shot of matt holmen

Matt Holmen

Experience Designer
Do you believe in magic? Magic Matthew was still in diapers when he first tried conjuring a dove. While his father tried to teach him the trick, our little illusionist just closed his eyes and shouted hocus pocus! As it turns out, there’s more to it than that. Luckily, an entirely new kind of magic was about to reveal itself.
The first design brief he ever received came at the age of nine or ten. His father would home brew some wine each year and needed a cleverly designed label to distinguish each batch. Matthew was left entirely to his own devices, and though the resulting design was a tacky disaster — not unlike the wine itself — he had found a new, endless source of fascination in typography and design.
Decades later, he has designed packaging for much more palatable beverages from One Barrel Brewing Company, written for political campaigns around Wisconsin, and even performed some minor illusions with his band PHOX. To this day, he believes in magic.