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Glamour shot of courtney nelson

Courtney Nelson

Courtney once caught a 21.5” smallmouth bass in the boundary waters, landing her on the front page of the local newspaper for catching the largest smallmouth of the year. That was her first — and last — fishing trip. Born in LaGrange, WI, a village with one general store, a firehouse and a church, Courtney learned to love the art of “making” and design at her family’s woodshop. But it wasn’t until she was in line for a rollercoaster, taking in the sights and sounds, that she realized her dream was to design places. Being a psychology major at the time, she quickly reoriented, eventually obtaining an MFA in Scenic Design. With her love of environmental psychology, storytelling, and exploring how places frame a person's experience, Courtney was made for ZD. When not in the studio, Courtney spends her time planning her next adventure with her husband, expanding her trivia knowledge and doing theater design projects.