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Glamour shot of lary ryan

Lary Ryan

Video Production Specialist
For a sun-loving, South Florida native and L.A. go-getter, Madison seems a strange place for Lary (pronounced “Lah-ti”) to have ended up. Lary began her career as a precocious little girl, teaching herself to edit videos with her parents’ VHS video camera and VCR (probably eating rainbow sprinkle donuts the whole time). Many years later, her passion turned into a degree in Radio and TV Broadcasting and a second degree in Video Production. As fate would have it, she met the man of her dreams, a Wisconsin native who taught her the meaning of being a Packers fan and found her disgust for pickles rather endearing. Wanting to return to his roots, the couple packed up the moving truck a few weeks before their wedding, put their Goldendoodle, Max, in the back seat, and drove across the country, arriving just in time for the ceremony. Since then, this talented, quick-with-a-laugh, and always optimistic videographer has been living her Midwest dreams, going on adventures with her family, delving into DIY projects, and exploring the state on photoshoots for her blog.