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Glamour shot of frankie spallato

Frankie Spallato

UI/UX Designer
Ever heard the saying, “big things come in small packages”? That’s Francesca, or “Frankie” as she is more often called. While this Wisconsin native warns that her self-proclaimed “T-Rex” arms probably won’t help you on an intramural volleyball team, she packs a big punch when it comes to UI/UX design! If you ask her, Frankie says she, “kind of fell into” UI/UX design. Her original life plans took Frankie to school for architecture, but the math involved wasn’t very appealing. Eventually, her love of creative problem-solving, artful design and strategic organization landed her in a rather different field. While obtaining her degree in Graphic Design from Madison College, Frankie was courted by ZD, finding herself at the studio just days after graduation. Here, she impresses us with her thoughtful approach to creating interfaces that are not just beautiful, but also so intuitive that they are essentially invisible. And while we wish she would bring us one of her famous homemade pies more often, we’re happy to have this cheese curd loving, Badger fan as part of the ZD family.