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Glamour shot of olivia booth

Olivia Booth

Associate Designer
An Illinois native, Olivia came to us as a young graduate from UW-Stevens Point. While in school, she multitasked with radio DJ-ing and completing several credits in Art History and Oil Painting. This led Olivia to take her childhood love of art, along with her mind for research and strategy, and put it to good use. She soon discovered this was a perfect combination for a graphic designer and found new passions developing concepts, illustrations and “creating meaningful design experiences backed by careful thought.” She graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in May of 2016, and soon found a desk at ZEBRADOG, where she has since been learning the ins and outs of EGD and impressing us with her thoughtful design strategies, her impressive coffee cup collection and trying to hide her habit of hoarding unique packaging design. This Henry Vilas Zoo aficionado loves to spend her free time hanging with the red pandas when she’s not working on new textile patterns or studying up on random movie and television facts.