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Glamour shot of matt schuh

Matt Schuh

Lead Developer
Matt Schuh is a ninja — you never hear him coming and never see him leave.

He may be the quietest Z-Dog in the house, but his stealthy skills are surprisingly helpful for on-site digital development work! Born in Ripon, Matt moved to Madison for college, where he met his wife. The couple moved to North Carolina in search of new adventures. But after a short time, it became evident that Madison really was the perfect home for a cat-loving ninja, so they returned to their Midwest families. Matt spent some time working a variety of IT and software development positions that wasted his talents until he found Zebradog. Here he nimbly codes away, impressing us with his aptitude for creating digital magic and his dexterity in solving problems. When not in the studio, the self-proclaimed “huge nerd” is usually serenading his beautiful wife, infant son, and their four cats with his guitar or studying new stealth techniques through the wonderful world of video games.