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Glamour shot of kenneth casper

Kenneth Casper

Architectural Exhibit Designer
In the 8th grade, Kenneth sought to cheat the system by reading just one book for his annual literacy requirement instead of dozens. The book was Crime & Punishment, which he began and completed in the final week before summer vacation. It was through this experience that he developed a taste for burnt diner coffee, classical literature, and an interest in psychology. And, so began his ritual of reading through the night at George Webb's diners with a bottomless cup of coffee while befriending the night's most interesting characters.

After digesting some texts by Jack Kerouac and Herman Hesse, Kenneth set out on a year of adventures - which mostly amounted to reading and drinking watered down coffee from vending machines at Greyhound stations across North America. On the road, in dim lit cafes, on sun drenched boardwalks, and on mountain paths Kenneth heard many great stories. When he wasn't reading a story or listening to one, he was telling one of his own - or just flat making one up. Beware the shaggy dog!

Kenneth now tells stories for a living as an interactive exhibit designer at a company which never lets his coffee cup go dry, and where he can befriend the world's most interesting characters.