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Glamour shot of kathryn kloehn

Kathryn Kloehn

Designer/Content Strategist
"Kat" didn't know she wanted to be a graphic designer. In fact, she thought she wanted to be a high school English teacher. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kat received her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing in Portland, OR. She spent six months teaching English to elementary school students in Siena, Italy (cementing her love of red wine) and was all set to embark on a teaching career, when fate decided to whisk her in a different direction and plopped her down in a snowy Madison, WI. A little confused and very cold, she wandered into Madison College and stumbled upon a new passion. A few years later, Kat had her Associate Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration and a certificate in Web Design. After another whirlwind dance with fate, she very happily landed at an open desk at 1249 Williamson Street. Since then, things have calmed down for Kat… sort of. When she's not playing at the "Dog House," Kat splits her time printmaking, cooking, exploring the state parks and teaching graphic design part-time at Madison College.