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Glamour shot of chris moore

Chris Moore

Vice President/New Media Director
A love story. Old wine in a new bottle, but still. In college, boy meets girl. Her name: 1979 Yamaha 250 single-cylinder. She's beautiful. Predictably, boy falls in love. Boy neglects to buy license. Doesn't care. Love. Girl is stolen away by bad men. Boy is heartbroken, but moves on. Years pass. Boy turns to man. Man finds new love. Her name: Janine. Storybook. One day, serendipity. Yamaha is found. Feelings flood. New girl understands, kind of. Raises eyebrow. Says, Chris? Man is torn, but not dumb. Man trades (trades!) Yamaha for 1974 Wurlitzer Electric Piano. He doesn't play the piano. At all. Not because he doesn't want to, because he doesn't know how. Janine is happy. Man is . . . happy. Somewhere: Fonda, Hopper, and Nicholson weep.