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Excellence Has No Equal

Durham, North Carolina

Since 1901, Duke University (known as Trinity College until 1924) has been committed to excellence in Athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in Education.

The Blue Devil brand is built on decades of leadership with a unique commitment to a collective soul. The wholeness of a team. The sacred bond of a brotherhood. The inspiration of a sisterhood and the strength that comes from a commitment to each other. To date Duke has amassed 24 Individual and 16 Team National Championships in NCAA Division I.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast


Project Goals:

  • Attract The best and brightest Student-Athletes worldwide
  • Retain Top coaches and staff to pay forward their significant knowledge
  • Commit To a culture of excellence, pride, selflessness, and team

Over a Decade of Building a Signature Visual Narrative

The ZEBRADOG team began a partnership with Duke Men’s Basketball in 2007 to stitch together a visual narrative that now extends throughout all athletic facilities on campus. We developed a signature athletics brand texture that is clearly recognizable, and most importantly, interlocked with the institutional brand of Duke University. The commitment to a singular brand, threaded throughout 26 varsity sports, dimensionally enhances a Student- Athlete’s connection to their University long past graduation.

“Making shots count, but not as much as the people who make them.”

Coach K
A facility logo architecture was developed to connect the experiences to a broader university theme.
The Cameron Crazies
Blue stone bricks
Cameron sign
Duke University Chapel
Duke basketball jersey
Basketball championship banners

ZEBRADOG Design Inspiration

The collegiate gothic architecture and ever-present sophistication of Duke University defines the baseline of our design program. This is a place where history meets modern forms of tradition. It is not a place for commodity design solutions, high tech materiality, or bad color combinations. It is, after all, the epicenter of college basketball.

Blue devil mascot
NCAA trophies
Let's Go Duke

Cameron Indoor Stadium

Rubenstein Pavilion
Basketball players
Basketball fans

Rubenstein Pavilion

A spectacular addition to Cameron Indoor was completed in 2016. At the court entry level, this new environment provides an opportunity to display one-of-a-kind artifacts from the Duke Basketball archives. Also featured are four 84" interactive Media Towers, designed and developed by ZEBRADOG, that will blow you away. Every game, every highlight, and every current player is featured. You can touch and learn about every Coach K win since his first win in 1980 and see highlights of each former Duke player playing in the NBA.

Child using touchscreen
Display case of basketball memorabilia
Display case of cheerleading memorabilia
Child viewing touchscreen
Fan pointing at touchscreen
Case of basketball jerseys

ZEBRADOG System Analytics

The Cameron Media Towers have received over 162,500 individual touch interactions in the first two years of operation.

Retired basketball jerseys
Hall of Honor signage
Eric Marty unpacks a sign
Champions Club sign
Custom backlit sign
Premium seating
Duke Basketball Retired Jerseys exhibit
Branded mural

Champions Club

You want to be a member?

Duke has won five NCAA Championships, appeared in 11 Championship games, 16 Final Fours, and has an NCAA best .755 tournament winning percentage.

11 Duke players have been named the National Player of the Year, and 71 players have been selected in the NBA Draft. Additionally, Duke has 36 players named All-Americans (chosen 60 times) and 14 Academic All-Americans. Duke has been the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Champion a record 20 times, and also lays claim to 19 ACC regular season titles. Prior to joining the ACC, Duke won the Southern Conference championships five times.

Duke has also finished the season ranked No. 1 in the AP poll seven times and is tied with UCLA in total weeks ranked as the number one team in the Nation by the AP with 121 weeks. Additionally, the Blue Devils have the second longest streak in the AP Top 25 in history with 200 consecutive appearances from 1996-2007, trailing only UCLA’s 221 consecutive polls from 1966-1980.

As a result of such success, ESPN, in 2008, named Duke the most prestigious college basketball program since the 1985–86 season, noting that “by any measure of success, Duke is King of the Hill in college basketball in the 64-team era of the NCAA tournament.”

‘Nuff Said…

Crazies Wall

Fisheye image of the full wall

“It’s tough to get a ticket to see a game at Cameron. Now, fans can visit year round and experience all of that energy at the CRAZIES WALL, our past, present and future are all right there.”

Mike Cragg, Deputy Directory of Athletics at Duke University

The beating heart of Cameron Indoor is the student section named the CAMERON CRAZIES, where 1,200 absolutely wild college kids scream blue from the inside out. It is a “tactile” experience to see them. A singular organism with popping heads, slashing arms, and chants so witty very few people in the stands know what they mean….except the opposing team! The ZEBRADOG team wanted to bring all of the raw energy of the students to an exhibit where visitors on non-gamedays could get a sense of the energy. Thus, THE CRAZIES WALL was born. You can touch it, slap it, tweet about it, light it up, read it, stand on it, revel in it, hear it, and most importantly take your picture with it.

Basketballs on the wall
Child touching the wall
Button labeled "Craziness Awaits"
Soles on the wall
Height chart
Coming Soon: A Signature Cameron Experience

“We have worked with ZEBRADOG for over 12 years and together have made a multi-facility brand program second to none in Division 1 Athletics.”

Rachel Fish Curtis, Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics Facilities Branding
Instagram posts
Students at the wall
Fans at the wall
Hand size comparison
Kids enjoying the wall
Friends at the wall
Besandled foot comparison
Kids against the wall
Shoe size comparison
Screenshot of article titled "Duke Unveils CRAZIES WALL at Cameron Indoor Stadium"

Cameron Indoor Stadium Tour

Guided tour mobile application

The Cameron Tour is an ever-evolving fan experience witnessed by thousands of people each year. Die-hard fans come from every corner of the globe to see Cameron firsthand. 20ft steel girders, industrial rivets, painted brick walls, golden maple hardwood, and the famous Duke blue stone are the raw materials that make up this masterpiece. ZEBRADOG has developed a long-term Masterplan for the continuous unveiling of new stories.

Cameron Indoor Stadium sign
Sideline chairs
Kids at Rubenstein

The Cameron Tour will soon have more digital components for fans to interact with while in their seats and moving throughout the building. Instant evolving interactions are critical to the brand success.

“History is made annually around here.”

Mark Schmitz, Creative Director at ZEBRADOG
Blue Devil Alley concept
Felt D
Coach K Court
2014 Men's Lacrosse National Championship display case
Duke basketballs
Duke Letterwinners exhibit

Hall of Honor

Architectural concept

Adjacent to the Cameron concourse is a very special environment – the Duke Basketball Hall of Honor. This colonnade honors the men and women who have made significant contributions to the long legacy of excellence at Duke. The renaissance of the space is close at hand as ZEBRADOG has presented plans to escalate the entire area to include even more opportunities to connect to the Duke brand.

Pillar signage concept
Wayfinding concept

Duke Basketball Museum

Main entrance sign
National Championship banners
Father and son reading
2001 Men's Basketball National Championship display case

A sacred place of crystal and shoelaces.

In 2010, after winning their fourth Men’s National Championship, the ZEBRADOG and Duke teams opened the Duke Basketball Museum to much acclaim. For the first time, fans could access the stories and view the trophies firsthand. A special tribute to Coach K’s Olympic and FIBA Gold Medals was designed, along with a feature exhibit highlighting Naismith winners. Other exhibits feature game-used basketballs for the NCAA All Time Wins record and the 1,000th Win mark for Coach K.

Students learning about Krzyzewskiville
A Tradition of Excellence exhibit
Button labeled "Sounds of Cameron"
The National Spotlight exhibit
NCAA crystal basketball trophy
Fans posing for a photo
Coach K All Time Wins exhibit

Athletics Hall of Fame

Cooridor of inductees

Duke celebrates the academic and athletic accomplishments of its Student-Athletes every three years with a spectacular induction ceremony into the Duke Athletics Hall of Fame. ZEBRADOG recently transformed the time-honored illustrations and stories of each member into a fully interactive exhibit, allowing fans to be immersed in history.

Caroline Altfeather testing the exhibit
National Champions exhibit
Mark Schmitz browsing the exhibit
Screenshot of inductee list
Screenshot of 2016 inductee Grant Hill

Mike W. Krzyzewski Center

Gym with A Tradition of Excellence mural
Courtside mural

An academic center like none other in Division 1 athletics.

Main entrance dedication
National Champions sign
Courtside mural construction
Coach K's five qualities that make a tean great
Selfless Service exhibit
ZEBRADOG-branded hardhats

Player Experience Tunnel

Architectural concept
Mural of Jayson Tatum
Mural of national championships
Concept of NBA cooridor

With the building of the Coach K Center for Academic and Athletic Excellence came the construction of a tunnel connecting Cameron to the practice center. This is a signature place to recruit athletes for all sports and embed the vibe of all that is Duke. ZEBRADOG is transforming this walk of fame once again to feature Duke players who currently play in the NBA.

Stairwell mural
Stairwell mural

Brand Extensions

Lobby mural and backlit signage

The Duke Athletics Visual Brand was designed to seamlessly integrate to each program. Each sport retains their unique identity and culture, but shares in the institutional “Good Will” of the Duke Athletic Brand.

Yoh Football Offices

Football lights
Mannequin in Duke football gear
Branded wall mural
Hallway of backlit portraits

Wallace Wade Stadium

Stadium wayfinding
Pillar murals
Amy Beyler wearing a hardhat
Bostock Gate
Main entrance
Guest Services lobby mural
Blue Devils Fight mural


Entrance architectural concept
Duke Wrestling mural
Wrestling mats
Wall of Fame signage
Wall of Fame inductees

Scott Family Pavilion

Gym with Duke Blue Devils mural
Dimensional lettering
Duke National Champions exhibit
Sculpture concept at day
Sculpture concept illuminated at night

Icons of Duke Athletics

Map of bust locations
Bust of Edmund McCullough Cameron

As the Athletic Campus revitalization was nearing completion, it was time to finalize the home for the iconic sculptural busts within DUKE's Athletic Campus. ZEBRADOG assisted in finalizing the locations, as well as creating a consistent presentation of materials, lighting, and story placement to honor the amazing legacy of these great DUKE coaches.

Bust restoration concept
Bust of Wallace Wade
Coach K Court entrance

“I trust Mark and the ZEBRADOG team to create a winning brand environment for Duke everyday.”

Mike Krzyzewski
Head Coach